So, this is my website. I finally managed to put it together. I've wanted to do a site for a while, but I've been a little busy. So check this out for any news of art shows and projects that are coming up in the future. I'll probably post each season of Heroin graphics and stuff up here too. I've made a fosgraphics insta account too that you can check out below. I've been going through a lot of older graphics to put this together and its by no means a comprehensive guide to everything that I've done, more like a best of. Hope you like it. Contact me at mark.foster@me.com 




Art Direction





I grew up in Lancashire, Northern England.

I started Skateboarding when I was 14 and went to various art colleges in Lancashire after I finished school. 

I ended up going to Goldsmiths College in South London when I was 20 and completed a BA in Design Studies. 

After college I immersed myself in the world of Skateboarding. I worked as a sales director at Slam City Skates in London. Whilst there I started my own brand, Heroin Skateboards. 

I've done artwork for companies including Toy Machine, Real, Foundation, Zero, Black Label, Creature, Baker and Deathwish.

In 2003 I left Slam City and started Landscape Skateboards, in 2006 I helped to start and became the art director of Altamont Apparel. In 2011, I moved to Los Angeles and Heroin started being distributed by Baker Boys Distribution. I also started hosting a radio show called Fos FM.

I've designed five collaborative shoes with Emerica footwear.

I live and work in LA and am available for freelance projects.